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Favorable Lord Rahu

Lord Rahu ( Dragon Head )
By Guruji Astrologer And Mantras Specialist

What are the advantages of a favorable Lord Rahu in your chart?

  • A favorable Rahu can make anyone get success and build wealth very fast.
  • Making Lord Rahu favorable has been proven to be very beneficial during illness and physical ailments.
  • A favorable Lord  Rahu will instantly help you to bounce back from poverty stricken conditions and will help fulfill any material desire you may have such as buying your own land, vehicles, ornaments and other assets.
  • A favorable Lord Rahu will help keep relationship matters smooth around you and will enable you to get success in relationships fast.
  • For people who are in business – if they can make Lord Rahu favorable to them then they will see their business rise like anything. It will open doors to distant boundaries which you never though possible.
  • For people who wish to pursue politics – a favorable Lord Rahu can help a great way to make you influential – both far and near. People will be amazed by your intellectual prowess and diplomatic skills.

The following is the special name (nama) Ancient Vedic mantra for the Lord Rahu as preceded by it’s Shakti or power mantra. It can be used to connect with the planetary deity and to energize all the higher powers of the Rahu.

Powerful Lord Rahu ( Dragon Head ) Mantras in Sanskrit:

ॐ कया नश्चित्र आभुवदूती सदावृधस्सखा। कया शचिचष्ठया वृता॥

राहु का तांत्रोक्त मंत्र 

ऊँ ऎं ह्रीं राहवे नम:
ऊँ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नम:
ऊँ ह्रीं ह्रीं राहवे नम:

राहू बीज मंत्र  

ऊँ रां राहवे नम:

राहु का पौराणिक मंत्र 

ऊँ अर्धकायं महावीर्य चन्द्रादित्यविमर्दनम ।
सिंहिकागर्भसंभूतं तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम ।।

Rahu Gayatri Mantra

ॐ नीलवर्णाय विद्महे सैंहिकेयाय धीमहि तन्नो राहुः प्रचोदयात् ।

Shri Rahu Stotram (Meaning)

(1) Rahur dhanavamanthri cha simhika chitha nandana, Ardha kaya, sada krodhi, chandradhithya vimardhana
(Rahu, Minister of Rakshasa, one who makes Simhika happy, Half bodied one, one who is always angry, Tormentor who troubles Sun and Moon)

(2) Roudhro rudhra priyo daithya swar bhanur , bhanur bheethidha, Graha raja sudhapayee rakadhithyabhilashtaka.
(Angry one, Devotee of Rudhra, Ogre, One who is near the Sun, one who terrifies the sun, King of planets, one who got nectar , One who desires the moon and the sun)

(3) Kala drushti kala roopa ,sri kanta hrudayashraya, Vidhunthudha saimhikeya , ghora roopo, maha bala.
(One who has death inflicting sight, one who likes death, One who lives in the heart of Shiva, one who made moon dim, One who is the son of ogress Simhika, One who has terrifying form, One who is very strong)

(4) Graha peeda karo damshtri raktha nethro mahodhara, Panchavimsathi namani sthuthwa rahum sada nara, Ya paden mahathi peeda thasya nasyathi kevalam.
(One who torments planets, one who has big teeth, One who has red eyes and one who has a big paunch, If a man recites these twenty five names and prays to Rahu And as soon as he reads big tormenting troubles vanish immediately)

(5) Aarogyam putham athulam sriyam dhanyam pasum sthadha, Dadhathi rahu sthasmai thu ya padeth sthothramuthamam.
(Health , incomparable sons, wealth , cereals and animals Would be given to him by Rahu , to the one who reads this great prayer)

(6) Sathatham padathe yasthu jeeveth , varsha satham nara.
(The man who reads this regularly would live for one hundred years)

There is no equal to Rahu when it comes to giving upliftment in name and fame or sudden luck at gambling, which is probably the reason why Western astrologers regard it as the greatest beneficial force. The area in which this success is attained usually relates to the significations of the house Rahu is placed in. All the electric lights that illuminate our world in the nighttime can be said to be associated with Rahu. Rahu is known as the “artificial sun,” which is fitting considering the introduction of electric lights, adding to the illusion and glamour of modern times.

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